What To Do If Your Pet Is Missing

It is an all too common occurrence to come home and find your pet gone from your yard. Whether your gate was accidentally left open or your dog is an escape artist; lost and missing pets are brought into animal shelters daily. If your pet does become lost, here are some steps that will help you have a happy reunion:

  • Does your pet have a collar with tags? A license? Is he or she microchipped? The New Albany Animal Shelter scans every incoming animal for a microchip.
  • Come down to the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter and file a Lost Report immediately! Bringing a picture of your pet with you is very helpful. Many pets look alike, and shelter staff are not allowed to attempt to identify animals over the phone.
  • Call your local paper and place a Lost Pet ad. Many papers list this for FREE!
  • Get the word out: put up fliers, talk to your neighbors, local veterinarians, and go to all local animal shelters. What if your pet was taken to the animal shelter in the next county or across the river?

Ensure Your Pet is Returned Quickly

If your dog or cat is wearing a current rabies tag, license and is microchipped, there is a 95% chance your pet will get back to you. Without these life-saving tools many beloved pets never see their homes again.
Is your pet wearing identification?

  • A license is also a vital way to protect your pet. All dogs and cats living within the city limits of New Albany, and all cats in the county are required to be licensed with the New Albany Animal Shelter. Having your pets wear their license will insure you will be contacted if your pet is brought to the animal shelter. If your pet is wearing a license, Animal Control would still be able to call you if your pet is lost or injured and your veterinarian is closed.
  • Have your pet microchipped. It is a permanent form of identification and cannot be lost like your pet’s collar and tags. It is a very simple procedure that can be performed during a regular office visit to your veterinarian. Microchips only work if you keep your contact information current, so if you move or change your phone number, make sure you let your microchip company know! Remember, even if your pet is microchipped, it is still necessary to keep your pet current on its rabies vaccination and license.
  • Have pictures and medical records easily accessible and current! The pictures will come in handy to make flyers and to show at the Shelter(s) and vet office(s).
  • Be sure your pet has a collar and tag with your current phone number. Be sure to update your pet’s tags if you change contact information. This will ensure a quick and easy return to you!55

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